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King Palm Mini Leaf Rolls 2-pack (8 flavours)

King Palm Mini Leaf Rolls 2-pack (8 flavours)

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Product Description

King Palm is a leading brand in the smoking industry, known for its high-quality, all-natural products. Their handmade leaf wraps are made from the flowering leaves of the Cordia tree, a unique plant found in small pockets around the world, particularly in Southeast Asia. At King Palm, they ensure that their operations are run to the highest standards, including a guarantee that no trees are cut down during production.

One of the key features of King Palm's leaf wraps is their slow-burning, smooth smoke. These wraps are pre-rolled for ultimate convenience and ease of use, and they don't contain any tobacco, harsh chemicals, or glue. With all-natural ingredients, King Palm's wraps provide a cleaner, healthier smoke.

In addition to their standard leaf wraps, King Palm also offers flavoured options. These wraps are infused with a small flavour ball that can be popped at any point during the smoke session to release a burst of delicious flavour. The flavours available include tropical fruit, mint, and cherry.

Another great feature of King Palm's products is their packaging. Each pack of wraps comes with a bamboo poke stick, making it easy to fill the wraps with your favourite herbs. The packs are also resealable, ensuring that the wraps stay fresh and ready for use.

If you're a convenience store owner looking to offer your customers a high-quality smoking experience, King Palm's 2-pack pre-rolled leaf wraps are the perfect choice. Some key points to consider include:

  • All-natural, handmade leaf wraps
  • Slow-burning, smooth smoke
  • Pre-rolled for convenience
  • Flavour options available
  • Bamboo poke stick included
  • Resealable packaging for freshness

Order King Palm's 2-pack pre-rolled leaf wraps now and provide your customers with a product they'll love. You can't go wrong with the exceptional quality and convenience of King Palm's handmade, all-natural wraps.

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