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Juicy Jay's Thai Incense Sticks (20 packs) (8 Scents)

Juicy Jay's Thai Incense Sticks (20 packs) (8 Scents)

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Product Description

Introducing Juicy Jay's Thai Incense Sticks - the perfect solution for store owners looking to offer their customers a convenient and effective way to eliminate unwanted smoke odors. These high-quality incense sticks come in 12 packs, each containing 20 sticks, providing plenty of product for your customers to use in their homes or businesses.

But it's not just the quantity that sets Juicy Jay's Thai Incense Sticks apart - it's also the quality. Made with premium ingredients, these incense sticks are designed to effectively remove smoke odors and leave a pleasant, aromatic scent behind. Plus, with the unique Thai flavor, your customers will enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind scent experience.

In addition to their powerful odor-eliminating capabilities, Juicy Jay's Thai Incense Sticks are also easy to use. Simply light one end of the stick and let it burn for a few minutes, then blow out the flame and enjoy the lingering aroma. It's a quick and simple way to freshen up any room.

So why wait? Offer your customers the best in smoke odor elimination with Juicy Jay's Thai Incense Sticks from Moe's Wholesale.

Key Features:

  • 12 packs of 20 incense sticks
  • Unique Thai flavor
  • Effective at removing smoke odors
  • Leaves a pleasant, aromatic scent
  • Easy to use

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